Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What would happen if children ruled the world.

If children ruled the world there would be no wars and countries wouldn't fight against eachother so often.The kids would forget why they were angry with eachother the next day.Children would also share things they have with eachother more, like if I had something cool and my friend had something else cool and we both wanted what the other had, we would swap the things with eachother and not be so greedy.If we got into trouble we would let our parents that are not part of the problem help resolve the problem.We would also work together to build stuff that we both like and by doing so get them faster and better then we would if we were doing it alone.We would be more nicer to eachother and not be so mean because kids like to play with other kids and even mean kids stop being mean so they can play with the other kids.So there would be less mean people ruling the world.

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