Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What would happen if children ruled the world.

If children ruled the world there would be no wars and countries wouldn't fight against eachother so often.The kids would forget why they were angry with eachother the next day.Children would also share things they have with eachother more, like if I had something cool and my friend had something else cool and we both wanted what the other had, we would swap the things with eachother and not be so greedy.If we got into trouble we would let our parents that are not part of the problem help resolve the problem.We would also work together to build stuff that we both like and by doing so get them faster and better then we would if we were doing it alone.We would be more nicer to eachother and not be so mean because kids like to play with other kids and even mean kids stop being mean so they can play with the other kids.So there would be less mean people ruling the world.

Friday, September 3, 2010

What quality best describes your life?

Quiet one.Im the kind of person you would not hear, hear about or maybe even see in a crowd, at least not easilly.Im there and and I may be talking or doing something interesting, but I most likely would not be the center of attention and that is fine with me.I feel a bit out of place being the center of attention or the main focus.Im not loud so you wont hear me over other people in a conversation.Im quiet and active and I may even be very productive, especially when I'm doing something like being in class, If im quiet  chances are im very busy doing whatever it is we are suppose to be doing.I concentrate a lott on the things I do, so when I'm doing something im even more quiet then ussual , because I am giving whatever it is I am doing lots of concentration.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

If i could be any animal I would be a ....

I would want to be free to fly wherever I wanted to.I would also want to be able to defend myself and the friends I have.So I think I would choose to be a Eagle.Why a eagle?Well eagles are pretty cool and big and strong.They can also fly pretty high up, so there would almost be nowhere I could not get to.

If I can't be a eagle, I would choose to be a cat, cats are pretty smart animals, I once had a cat that even looke both ways before crossing the street.Cats are also pretty cute and are very cleaned, especially compared to dogs -_- Cats can climb in trees and in many places because they are so smart.They also almost always land on their feet, which would be a cool trick to have.

Why do I think its important we take care of the endangered species

nI think its important because every one less animal we have on earth means at least one change to our world in ways we cant even imagine.Losing even a very small animal that we have no real contact with could mean that animals we do come in contact with are changed in ways that can affect us or make the world worse.Its also important to make sure we dont lose more animal species because then future children will not be able to experience or see these animals.Especially because we are able to destroy and rule over other species means we have the responsibility of taking care of species that may need our help.Because we are able to bend the natural rule of survival of the fitest means we should take care of the species that may not, we dont "play" by the rule so we should give other species the same advantage as we have.